24 May Check out tips to write good answers in SSB WAT test. Total 60 words will be given in Word Association Test of SSB interview. Read best tips. 14 May In word association test (WAT) candidate will be shown a word for 15 seconds and whatever comes THINGS YOU NEED IN SSB INTERVIEW. In the test, a candidate associates himself/herself with words given in the test and conveys his/her WORD ASSOCIATION TEST(WAT)SSB Interview Calls.

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Youth alone can built society. You must not be in possession of any watch or any other electronic gadget. Mending fences improves relations with neighbors.

Sincere efforts leads to victory. Removed by engagin experience. In this test you will be shown a word and you are required to form a meaningful sentence using that word.

Word Association Test (WAT)

The sentence is both positive and shows your creative ability. Young performers are goal oriented.

Congratulating others on their sucess motivates them to do word association test ssb again. So, here we go. All citizens are responsible formation. Power house of knowledge. India is a home of different yet unified cultures. Education helps to remove orthodoxy from society.

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You will be given 15 Seconds dsb Each word. Tsumani was great calamity.

Short break after handwork avoids tiredness. A word can be used as a noun, verb, adverb or adjective depending on a candidates convenience. Loyalty makes relations stronger.

9 Tips for SSB Word Association Test (WAT)

The words shown can be used in any form and tense. Calm and cool mind brings better results.

That means you will now not have to look for other WAT test tips from any other source. As stated wor this time limit has been intentionally shortened so as to ensure that the candidate gives his first reaction which comes to his mind.

9 Tips for SSB Word Association Test (WAT)

Meeting regularly creates better understanding. Nature beauty refreshes mind andbody. To make you understand this test in a much better way let us take word association test ssb word Knife now a person who sometimes uses knife to cut vegetable, might write that Knife is used to cut vegetable. This is again a test of imagination Idea writing test most commonly known as WAT.

Great efforts bring good luck automatically. Do not have mundane and repetitive response tfst avoid idioms and phrases. Before Starting any test you must Read the following instructins carelfully. Some Examples of WAT: Indian youth desires for a developed word association test ssb. You must take three A4 sheets and mark numbers form on first, on the second and on the last one, you must keep sufficient gap between the lines keep 2 lines for every word.

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The Time limit is restricted to 15 Seconds so that candidate is not confused with subsequent thoughts and give his first thought only. One should not display negative thoughts like cowardice, anxiety, fear etc.

Always shows right path to his men. word association test ssb

Error (Forbidden)

Is an embodiment of faith and sacrifice. Your are required to complete 60 words, each word associstion be shown for 15 Seconds and within this 15 Seconds you have to record your thought in answer sheet provided to you.

Knowledge removes all doubt Desire: