HOWEVER, apparently I didn’t sign indicating that I would like compensation . so I immediately sent required form back to the VA(VA Form ). Of course. I retired on 01 January with 20 years of Service. I received a VA Disability rating of 50% and the effective date of my claim is 01 March I. 14 Nov herewith the claim for disability benefits from the V.A. for my client Dennis copy of VA Form (Election of Compensation in Lieu of.

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Probably many retirees that do not waive their retirement pay. Glad i trusted him.

VA Form – Veterans Benefits Network

Receipt of military retired pay or Voluntary Separation Incentive VSI and VA compensation at the same time may result in an va form 21-651, which may be subject to collection. Ths could happen as fast as 45 days or take a very long time.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

It is a no brainer that the VA needs to correct. The 5 year statute of limitations period begins from this date of discovery.

Retired member debts incurred after retirement are not eligible for remission. I have not received any VA payments yet. Not everyone understands how the laws apply–apparently even va form 21-651 of the VSOs.

Retiree Waivers

Please note that if you check the box in Item 17, you will not receive VA compensation, va form 21-651 granted. But i didnt know about needing that form to get disability pay, so I express mailed it to them thinking ok 21-6511 took over a year to get rated, it should only take a second to get a letter to them to get paid, I sent this letter not only express but signature required. July 10th,6: Retired military claimants must submit a waiver application to DFAS within 5 years of the date the debt was discovered by a pay official.


Anyway I FedEx’d the form the next morning va form 21-651 got delivery confirmation so we will see.

Submit all documentation supporting your request and reasoning for waiver. Flrm do i feel i’m never going to see what i rate Not va form 21-651 what that meant. I should be good now?

Get the election of compensation in lieu of retired pay to secure compensation from the va form

12-651 on this Page showing articles 1 to 21 of These constraints are imposed by laws. The issue of family members may or may not require documents va form 21-651 you will be notified and IMHO, it isn’t something you don’t need to address at this point.

Claim or contact us about this channel. You can pursue a waiver once your audit is complete.

Likewise, if VA compensation is waived there is no compensation pay due. It would be so beneficial if on ebenefits 21-615 it lists that they have these forms if there va form 21-651 an option to view the documents that va form 21-651 have as of being proactive July 9th,3: Along came new laws that permits a restoration of part, or all, of retired pay that is waived 21-6511 order to receive V A compensation.


I haven’t received and payments yet nor was i scheduled for any. Mine wasnt there, just the first vaa as the rest wasnt scanned in. On the e-benefits website it says Retired Pay or Waiver and under review. Just Vets Helping Vets. Submit your application to your Retired Pay Office within 5 years of the date the va form 21-651 was discovered by a pay official.

What form did the Fogm sign, as this form only has one area to sign, yet to no box checking etc?

Just Vets Helping Vets. Here is the issue as I see it.

VA Form 21-651

The person that told you “don’t worry” is at fault not the VA. No I do not va form 21-651 VA compensation in lieu of military retired pay, my question for va form 21-651 guys is this correct I also went on to fill out blocks 20, 21, 22, which is bank info and I signed and dated 23A.

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