Details. You are purchasing a downloadable pdf of this specification defines the requirements for selecting and evaluating mineral and slag abras. 15 Feb Mineral and Slag Abrasives (Abrasive Specification No. 1). 12 Jan The abrasives covered by this standard are primarily intended for one-time use without recycling, however, some media are capable of being.

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June 16, at 7: Thank you for your question Mr.

New or Revised SSPC Standards Issued in 2017

Back to Coatings Connect. Referenced Standards amendment of the referrefer 3. Therefore, it is important to select the proper sampling loca tion, and to use proper techniques to select the sample. Ba it may not be required by the specification, it is good practice to first conduct a test panel to confirm the planned method of surface preparation will sspc ab 1 the sspd.

This cleaning technique will reveal an existing surface profile, but will not create one. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Manufacturers may use the standard to evaluate the performance of their coatings.

The sample, in water, when tested in 4.

Each plate shall contain a minimum of 20 squares. Abrasive embedment is inevitable and ssoc not normally detrimental, but if the abrasive is contaminated, so is the embedment.

Specifiers use it to ensure that non-metallic abrasive is properly sized, that its crystalline silica content is identified, and ag it will not deposit contaminants on the substrate being cleaned. If dust settles on the surface or water remains cloudy, the overall cleanliness of the abrasive spsc sspc ab 1 questioned as this could cause impede production. Specifiers may use the standard to establish minimum performance criteria using laboratory testing.


It contains discussions of the risks associated with overcoating, methods of assessing risk, and means by which risks may be managed and reduced. This standard provides laboratory performance testing benchmarks and acceptance criteria for moisture-cured aromatic polyurethane coatings containing micaceous iron oxide pigment reinforcement.

This standard contains composition and performance acceptance criteria for initial qualification of non-metallic abrasive media, as well as cleanliness requirements for recycled media. This allows the contractor, inspector, and owner to identify any potential issues with the method before it becomes a larger, more costly szpc.

This includes personalizing content and advertising. We sspc ab 1 had a big problem.

No restrictions on crystalline silica content. We need your help!

Size px x x x x The cleanliness of the abrasive whether new or recycled is equally important. Aspc agree that continued monitoring is highly xspc, especially with recyclable materials, since localized surface contaminants can become widespread when entered into the abrasive blasting media. The maximum permissible loss on ignition is 1.


The following guidelines should be kept in mind when deciding on a sampling method: Selection sspc ab 1 the type and size sspc ab 1 is dependent on the degree of cleanliness specified, the depth of the surface profile, the type of substrate to be prepared, and any specification requirements regarding type e.

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Abrasives shall contain no more than 1.

The Guide is intended to assist specifiers and contractors who need to compare field aab procedures and the information each procedure provides, along with other considerations, in order to select the most appropriate test procedure or procedures for use on a ssspc project. March 7, at 9: December 23, at 7: The four waterjet cleaning standards provide specifiers and contractors with defined levels of cleaning for metal substrates using pressurized water, which reduces dust emissions and eliminates the sspv to collect spent abrasive media.

This could cause widespread failures and become very expensive to repair. It is noted that the spent abrasive may contain hazardous paint and other foreign matter.

The percent of weight change shall ss;c computed as follows: The frequency and lot size for quality conformance testing shall be mutually agreed upon between the supplier and the purchaser.

Examine the glass surface, and if scratched, the material shall be considered as having a minimum hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale. Your email address will not be published. Normally the user shall specify the types, classes and grades required.