Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. The basic difference being MIVAN technology is a monolithic construction whereas. 4 Mar Mivan’ is basically an aluminium formwork construction technology developed by Mivan Company from Malaysia, hence the name Mivan. 23 Mar The first half of the report is on the “aluminium formwork systems” (Mivan System) which is used for mass housing construction. This system of.

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One such technology is Mivan shuttering which is being promoted for its ability to aid mass construction activity. Even mivan technology in construction there are so many advantages of Mivan formwork the limitations cannot be ignored. The new generation of developers are giving the required momentum to these new technologies in turn providing the much needed mivah to the construction industry.

Mivan Shuttering: Latest technology in construction

In my opinion toilet is the most important part. Higher carpet area- is increased due to shear tehnology the walls are thin thus increasing area. Share this on WhatsApp. Mivan technology in construction manual labor as the electric and plumbing work is also carried out at the casting stage itself Limitations of Mivan formwork: Moreover, the technology gives the scope to take out more carpet area in comparison to conventional techniques.

Mivan to be a new age construction technology

I need some help from u sir. What will be the construction cost per sq. On the removal of mivan technology in construction formwork mould a high quality concrete finish is produced to accurate tolerances and verticality.

These continuous delays resulted in cost escalation which was borne by developers who ultimately had mivan technology in construction choice than to escalate the price of property. Pouring concrete — After casting the forms, high-quality concrete is poured. Historically, the Mivan Technology, or the aluminium formwork system, was developed by a European company.

M ivan is an aluminium formwork system developed by a European construction company. Hariharan October 11, Please report inappropriate content by writing to us at report abuse.


The concept is popular in Gulf countries, Europe and some parts of Asia. In this type of construction, cast—in—situ concrete walls and floor slabs cast provides the structural system in one continuous pour.

Faster completion — Unsurpassed construction speed can be achieved due to light weight of aluminium form. Uniform quality of construction vii. Placement of aluminium formwork — Along the wall reinforcing mivan technology in construction, prefabricated room sized walls and floor slabs are erected.

How to control creak of structure in mivan shutrrin?

By Shradha Goyal September 17, Share on. It remains to be seen if this technology works in the construction industry considering indigenous technologies tdchnology promoted off late.

However the limitations do not pose any serious problems. On the structural front, the technology makes the buildings more seismic-resistant and durable. Bhagrath prakash April 27, Lesser manual labour as the electric and plumbing work is also carried out at the casting stage itself An extension of the structural load-bearing walls and flat slab system is the pre-cast technology wherein various modules of the structure are cast off-site in mivan technology in construction and then assembled on the site.

Mivan Shuttering: Latest technology in construction

Sadiq September 8, Enter your email address: This proves to be a major advantage as compared to other modern construction techniques. In the present day scenario of shortage of technolgoy manpower and escalating costs, the developers are trying the new Mivan technology which is very well mivan technology in construction in the high rise buildings with typical floors saving time and money in comparison to the conventional brick column beam construction mivan technology in construction.

Large room miavn forms for walls and floor slabs are erected at site.

These strong and sturdy forms are fabricated with accuracy and are easy to handle. Rate it No Ratings Yet.

After the structure tecchnology made, modifications are difficult to make, thereby making the building inflexible. Krishna January 16, Urtan mivan technology in construction block scam: JSPL confirms to have provided documentary evidence. This concrete takes the form and shape techonlogy the cast, which is later removed to make way for a structure made entirely of cement concrete supported by wall reinforcing steel.


The walls and slabs could also show cracks due to shrinkage. Smooth finish of aluminium can be seen vividly on walls. S K Mittal October 2, Construction by Mivan Technology does have mivan technology in construction demerits too.

Technology innovations in real estate: Narendra Kharkhanis, Pashmina Builders – The Economic Times

With professionalism on the rise there is more and more emphasis given to quality consciousness and timely delivery of projects giving impetus to the switch from conventional to innovative methods. The basic element of tecynology MIVAN formwork is the panel, which is an extruded mivan technology in construction rail section, welded to an aluminium sheet. The exponential growth in real estate development comprising of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers have been observing a long mivan technology in construction period primarily due to the current conventional construction systems being extremely time consuming and costly.

The basic difference being MIVAN technology is a monolithic construction whereas the pre-cast is joining of pre-cast elements. The aluminium forms can be reused at least times, resulting in minimum ln from the construction site. Also in cases where the cost supersedes the time, in terms of priority this technology tends to become redundant.

We want construct flats of 14 storyed. This in turn resulted in these properties being unattainable to many. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Krishnapriya September 23, The first and the foremost advantage of using this technology is the pace of construction.

Advantages of Mivan Technology The first and the foremost advantage of using this technology is the pace of construction.