Extractos del libro en varios idiomas. El libro HERCÓLUBUS O PLANETA ROJO en Albanés · El libro HERCÓLUBUS O PLANETA ROJO en Alemán · El libro. Hercolubus o Planeta Rojo (por V.M. Rabolú). Un libro que afronta los problemas más cruciales que va a vivir la humanidad en los próximos años. Ejemplar gratuito del libro “Hercólubus o Planeta Rojo”, de V.M. Rabolú.

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Mar 04, Rachelle rated it it was amazing. And our small bad acts are roots. The author insisted what he believed. The last great testimony was that of V. But hell nah, heres come trouble. Well, this was something I read.

I’ll believe what I want and be a “gringo. Loved the description of extraterrestrial life and its equal some other contacted people have done. Nobody is taller or shorter. This book is aimed at “correcting” the sinful world.

It took me a while to decide whether to rate this book one or five stars. But just think about it for a second that’s all. Dude, you seem spreading hatred to America. It was just that confusing.


There are no monsters like those you can see here. Vale la pena leerlo. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They are controlled by switches.


This book is real garbage. His accounts of life on other planets are also very interesting, especially in the light of recent disclosures about the extraterrestrials. I don’t care what you’re view is, I won’t get in your way. Even he felt hercolubua he wanted us to be inform.


But hell man, Hercolubus el planeta rojo libro heard on P!

Hercolubus Or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolu

For PZ Myers review: Rabolu was one of those scarce people with Awakened Consciousness. I am able to handle quite a planetz of weirdness and eel entertain other ways of thinking about the world, but there just wasn’t enough evidence here, and I guess I am supposed to find the evidence on my own using the oibro mantras provided at the end. I would like to give 4 stars for the excellent gleaning which will lead to open the curiosity of the reader about life, planets, and self consciousness.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Recommended to Carolyn by: See 1 question hercolubjs Hercolubus Or Red Planet…. What exactly does hercolubis book try to convey, is there any indirect attempt to conversion of any Religion. Appreciate too much, specially its hercolubus el planeta rojo libro and have self knowleage techniques.

Something nice to say: Thus, from the 70s and always in an altruistic and unselfish way he began the tiring task of publicly teaching the true wisdom through lectures, courses and congresses at international level. I quickly went to the website the website was also very entertainingwhere I requested a free copy. What came true is a discovery of Nibiru or Planet X that is said to be approaching the Earth I believe the author was sincere in his prophecy. Lists with This Book.


The consequence of the v Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, is approaching our Solar System and is the cause of great concern for plantea who know about such cosmic phenomena. I’m fine with people having their own opinions, but this is a bit ridiculous.

What are the predictions that have come true till date and how authenticative are they; mean to say how does it prove that it has already been indicated by the Author?? Hercolubus or PlanetX or Nibiru Better he cares about poverty rather than published this kind of rubbi I suppose I shouldn’t have expected a masterpiece from something that was being given away from a flier, but what I got was a heap hercolubus el planeta rojo libro crazy that was published hercolubjs years ago about an imminent catastrophe involving a planet I’ve never heard of, which is only featured in the first chapter.

Wait, planetx hercolubus el planeta rojo libro that question see the ending the book. Hercolubus Or Red Planet 2. To ask other readers questions about Hercolubus Or Red Planetplease sign up.

On the other hand, “Gringo Lords” would be an excellent band name. In chapter 1 and 2, it is more on hercoluubs believes Herkolubus or Red Planet Paperback: